$3,250,000.00 Settlement - Icy Conditions Slip on Stairwell

June 11, 2012

In December of 2004, our client, a 32 year old barista, slipped while he was descending an interior stairway that led to the basement of his place of business, a coffee shop in Manhattan. He fell and sustained injuries of his back and head.

Our client sued the premises' owner, the premises' manager, a tenant that occupied the premises' upper floors, and another company that was believed to be a tenant of the building alleging that they were negligent in their maintenance of the premises and that their negligence created a dangerous condition.

Our client sustained a concussion and numerous herniations, as well as post-concussion syndrome. Our client suffers residual pain and limitations that prevent his resumption of work. He suffers residual impairment of cognitive functions, such as his memory and his ability to concentrate.

To successfully resolve this matter for our client, we negotiated a pretrial settlement totaling $3.25 million.