Heiress Hurled Sober Companion Down Stairs, Lawsuit Alleges

December 19, 2012

A rich real estate heiress is being sued for allegedly roughing up her sober companion, DNAinfo reports. Which is strange because we didn't realize that sober companions even really existed outside of CBS's better-than-it-needs-to-be Sherlock Holmes drama Elementary. That's what we get for being poor drunks.

So what happened? According to the suit filed in Manhattan Civil Supreme Court by addiction coach Heather McKean, her charge Joselyn Wohl (daughter of real estate mogul Larry Wohl) threw her down a flight of stairs and choked her on March 5th. McKean is now suing the Wohl family for not properly safeguarding her against' Joselyn's alleged "violent propensities."

According to McKean's lawyer Bryan Swerling:

"She was hired by the Wohls, Denise and Larry, to spend time with her daughter, who obviously had some issues," Swerling said. "One day Joselyn made up her mind she didn't want Heather around anymore and attacked her on the stairwell and yanked her down the stairs."
Swerling said Joselyn then choked McKean until his client managed to free herself and locked herself in a room to call police. The lawyer said Southampton cops took her into custody but never formally charged her."It took [McKean] by surprise," Swerling said of the alleged attack. "It's my understanding that Joselyn has had some prior outbursts."

McKean suffered back and knee injuries from the alleged attack and her lawyer says she will need to have surgery. How much she is suing the Wohls (and her employer Cerberus Life Management) for has not been specified.

If Law & Order were still on this would be the perfect story for them to latch onto as a way to knock Sherlock down a peg. Though we guess SVU still can? Their faux-Holmes would just have to also sexually abuse his faux-Watson before or after the stair toss, we guess.