Socialite Daughter of Real Estate Mogul is Sued After Attacking Her Sobriety Coach Who Now Needs a Spinal Fusion

December 19, 2012

A New York socialite and the daughter of a wealthy real estate mogul is being sued by her former sobriety coach who alleges that she was violently attacked during her time working for the family.

Heather McKean is an addiction coach that was hired by Larry and Denise Wohl to watch their 32-year-old daughter Joselyn because of her unspecified substance abuse issues.

In the lawsuit, McKean alleges that Joselyn pulled McKean down a set of concrete stairs in the Wohl's Hamptons mansion, and McKean was injured so badly that she now has to have a spinal fusion to help her recovery.

'Joselyn wanted to go out and do something not in her best interest and Heather was trying to talk her down,' McKean's lawyer Bryan Swerling told The New York Post.

'Heather began to walk up the stairs. She felt a tug on the back of her shirt and it was Joselyn attacking her.'

According to DNAinfo, McKean goes on to say that Joselyn continued the March 5 attack by choking her until she managed to break free and lock herself in a room.

Once there, McKean called police who responded to the call, but they have not included their records of the incident as part of the lawsuit.

McKean was hired by the family because of her work with Cerberus Life Management, a company that deals with addiction treatment.

The company has no known connection to the private equity firm of the same name, which is now tied into the Sandy Hook massacre coverage due to their financial ties to a popular gun manufacturer.

The specifics about the lawsuit have remained underwraps, as McKean's lawyer only said that she was seeking unspecified damages.

She reportedly needs physical therapy for leg and spinal cord injuries.

The Wohls have not released any public statements about the lawsuit.